Hi, I'm Jessa! Welcome to my Brain!

This website is going to be an ongoing project, showcasing things I love, and giving people a taste of what goes on inside my head. ADHD, synesthesia, OCD, bipolar 2, depression, and anxiety all combine to make it pretty interesting. I've literally said my brain looks like a 90s MySpace page and runs on HTML 4, and one of my friends suggested I use Neocities to show people what it is, sooooooooo....... here you go.
I am coding this entire site by hand, based on the HTML that I remember from 2002. A lot of my knowledge is outdated, so there are bound to be some mistakes here and there. I'm also using this as an oppourtunity to teach myself CSS and whatever other stuff I come across when building this page. It will be an ongoing work of "art" for a bit 😂

WARNING: Many of my pages contain flashing images or videos, so please be careful if you are photosensitive.

Have fun with the chaos that is my mind!

Other things on my site

Why My Brain Runs On HTML4

How my Synesthesia manifests

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