Welcome to my Guide to Magickal Beings!

This guide is adapted from A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings by Cassandra Eason ($18.95, Weiser Books, Boston)

Other books by Cassandra Eason

Many magickal creatures exist in our world. This is a list of some of my favorites. Click on a name of a magickal creature to find out more about it, or click on a letter to go to that portion of the list.

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There are many more magickal creatures in the world. As I mentioned earlier, these are my favorites. Please contact me and tell me what you think of my guide. Send me your comments, as well as any magickal beings I may have missed. If you send me beings to add, send the name of the creature, any additional names or spellings, where it is from, and a breif description of what the creature is famous for or does. Thank you.


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