I have synesthesia. At the most basic, this is a cross-wiring of your senses. (See below for links to more in depth information.) Among several other types, my primary type is known as Chromesthesia when I hear sounds, I see colors and other visuals. For me, it's primarily music and voices that create visuals. My brain creates its own music videos, consisting of sound visualizations akin to the ones in Windows Media Player in the 90s, with the addition of extra pictures, animations, text, and sound effects. Some songs create better videos than others. There's a link below to my Spotify playlist of THE BEST songs, if you want to see what other songs make awesome visuals. Below is a video I've created to try to share what I see. Of course, I can't recreate exactly what I'm seeing for you, but I've done the best I can. Hopefully you can get a feel for the joy and color that riots in my head on a daily basis. Enjoy!!

Spotify Playlist of THOSE songs

More information about synesthesia:
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